How to Delete CapCut Logo

How to remove capcut watermark

Are you tired of the CapCut logo watermark of your videos? You’re not alone. No matter if you plan to be an influencer or are committed to content creation, an untouched video appears neater and compelling. Alright, now let’s explore the top ways to hide, or How to Delete CapCut Logo.

Understanding CapCut Logo

The CapCut Logo refers to the meaning of the icon that the short video app and editing platform has used as its logo since its creation. The CapCut watermark is delicately embedded in the video once the shot has been edited with the CapCut application. It is a tiny logo with text that informs users that the specific video was and is made with CapCut.

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Why Remove the CapCut Logo?

Professional Appearance

Hiding the logo makes the viewers’ experience more enjoyable and cinematic since the logo obstructs the content of the videos and, thus, needs to be excluded.

Personal Branding

When you are working on individual branding, having another person’s logo on the content may water down your branding strategy. Such a decision means that you can avoid cluttering it with excessive and irrelevant information affecting the brand’s image. I want to remove the CapCut logo from my Android device, but I don’t know how to do it.What’s the best way to do this?

Open CapCut: Click on the CapCut icon that is visible on the Android device screen.

Create a New Project: Begin what may be a new project or continue with a project that has been previously initiated.

Remove the Logo: Click on the last frame of the video on which the CapCut icon is located. You will get an option to either permanently delete it or move it out of your view. You choose it, and bam! The logo is gone.

How to Delete CapCut Logo

Using Third-Party Apps

If the option to delete the CapCut logo watermark is not gotten or is inactive, other third-party apps such as Inshot or VN Video Editor can be used to crop out or blur the watermark area. Here’s how you can do it:

Download and Open a Third-Party App: Download InShot or VN Video Editor from the Apple Store or the Google Store for Android devices.

Import Your CapCut Video: Download CapCut premium APK. Upload the video from a CapCut app into the application.

Edit Out the Logo: Crop the video around the bottom where the logo is, or blur the emblem from the video part.


Even though there is nothing wrong with having them placed there in the first place, given that it is a great application, sometimes it is better to eliminate them, especially if you are more into the professional look. The steps to navigate and find something using the app depend on the operating system of the device – be it Android or iOS. Third-party apps are extra solutions for those seeking enhanced methods of use, as mentioned.

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