CapCut MOD APK Download V12.2.0 (Pro, Premium APK)

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Are you tired of searching for professional video editing software? Do you want to edit your YouTube and personal video with mind-blowing features like 3d zooming effects, picture-in-picture (PIP), 4K exports, and many more? These advance features other video editing Apps don’t offer.

So, I have solutions to all your problems with CapCut MOD APK. The App has pro templates and a bunch of filters for free. The App editor is magical, transforming raw footage into polished video with premium features. That’s why many people love it.


What is CapCut APK?

A Chinese company (Bytedance Pte. Ltd) developed the App on 10 April 2020. It’s gained popularity all over the world due to its pro features for free. In some regions, the App is also known as “Viamaker.” This App should be your top choice if you want a wide range of video editing tasks and rich features. With an internet connection, assemble a user-friendly interface with a premium unlocked feature.

What is CapCut MOD APK?

CapCut modded APK with premium unlocked MOD version of CapCut. The App doesn’t demand even a single penny to use it. You can also call it “CapCut Pro APK”. The App provides regular updates to its users to take their video editing experience to the next level. With a lot more extra features and a bunch of filters, the App doesn’t stop people from loving it. You can jump on the bandwagon after using CapCut Premium APK, a stunning app with many features.

Features of CapCut APK

A lot of features of the app make an elegant video editing job and transform user experience to the next level.

User-Friendly Interface

The App provides a professional-looking, user-friendly interface without a learning curve. User access: Simple navigation for merging, trimming, incredible effects, and soundtracks. These filters and pre-set templates allow users to create a professional-looking video.

Video Ratio Adjustment

Video ratio adjustment is beneficial for all types of content creators. You can adjust the ratio of your video with a single click. The App also offers different frame ratios for video, such as tiktok, YouTube, and instagram aspect ratios. You can also set color and pre-made background for the video.

Auto Caption

Improve your video editing experience by auto caption. The feature converts speech into text. Users can access auto-captions with a single click. Multiple languages are available in auto-caption, increasing your video’s efficiency and engagement.

Incredible Animations

CapCut Provides a lot of beautiful animations to its user to convert their raw footage into an attractive look. These animations are very helpful for amateur and professional editors to improve their video quality.

Latest CapCut Pro APK Features

You should not be sitting on the fence after reading about the amazing features in the Cap Cut MOD APK. APK CapCut Pro offers a vast range of features like multi-layer editing, voice-over recording, chroma key, no watermark, 3d effects, no ads, pro template, Picture In Picture(PIP), XML support, 4k video export, speed control, vector graphics, thousand fonts, smooth slow-motion effect, stabilization, authoritative caption tool, song library, and many more. Now, we explain these stunning features one by one in detail.

CapCut Pro APK Features Infographics

Keyframe Animation

CapCut Latest version Mod APK introduced a new mind-blowing feature, keyframe animation. The feature is right as rain to craft your video with a fascinating look. You can smooth your video transition by defining the ending and starting point. We explain to you how to craft your video or photo using this feature:

  • Choose a specific video to apply the zoom effect
  • Set the length of your video by clicking on the keyframe icon
  • Carefully implement the zoom-in effect by starting and ending points of the video

Now, the top-notch video clip is ready by using the feature.

CapCut Pro APK Keyframe Animation

Smooth Slow Motion Effect

smooth slow motion effect in capcut Pro APK

The smooth, slow-motion effect is the most popular. This effect is mostly trending at TikTok and instagram reels. We can also call it the “slow mo effect”. Make your video stunning with the effect by following these steps:

  • Start the new project and import videos from the gallery
  • You have different options in the editor like mute sound, speed, trem, spilled, normal, and curve

After applying effects, your desired video is ready. You can export it in 720p to 4k HD.

Video Stabilization

Video stabilization is a brilliant thing since sliced bread. The feature is very helpful for you if your video contains shakiness and blurriness. The features work for you like a magical wand. It transforms your blurriness into a stunning video. How to use this magic wand? We explain to you step by step about video stabilization:

  • Press on the brand-new project
  • Add the blurriness and shakiness video to the timeline
  • In the toolbar, select the stabilize and adjust the level of stabilization

Your awesome video is ready; it’s like a piece of cake.

CapCut MOD APK Video Stabilization

Glitch Effect

Glitch is one of the most famous effects on social media platforms. The effect converts your raw video footage into a cinematic look. Unlock the magic of the effect by following these steps:

  • To make a fascinating video, click on a brand new project
  • Click to upload the video
  • Select the glitch effect from the effects toolbar

Use the glitch effect like a pro for more audience engagement. Step by step guide is in the video tutorial.

AI Model

CapCut MOD APK AI Model Guide Infographics

The AI Model is an incredible feature of the CapCut APK Mod. In the App menu, click on the AI model. You can select male and female models according to your choice. You can choose CapCut built-in library products or from your mobile gallery. After choosing a product, you can customize the background, size, and style.

AI model step-by-step guide below:

  • Go to the App menu, where the gateway AI model is.
  • Select the AI model
  • Select the products and poses of the AI model

Elevate most sales of your product with the power of AI model products and poses.

XML Support

One of the most precious features of CapCut MOD APK is XML(extensible markup language) support. Video editing is time-consuming, but it can be easy with a proper selection of tools. The features store and transfer data with other databases, websites, and other 3rd party Apps.

You can also import and export data effortlessly through XML with other editing Apps such as Final Cut X, Filmora, and Final Cut Pro.

CapCut MOD APK XML Support

No Watermark

As we know, watermarks or branding logos affect the overall quality of the video. Every content creator wants to export the video without a watermark. The MOD APK CapCut allows you to export a high-quality professional video without a watermark. This Feature turns your video editing experience into a pro look.

No Ads

Some video editing Apps pop up ads during video editing. User experience is horrible for those Apps. It affects editing flow and wastes too much time. So one of the stunning features of the App is no ads. You can edit your video hassle-free. The feature makes the App’s user experience and editing flow fascinating. To install the App and chill it with pro features.

Chroma Key

Green and blue screen editing is known as chroma key. Users can replace backgrounds and add visual effects to videos. You can transport your subject with the help of a chroma key tool anywhere. The advanced feature is commonly used in the film industry to create mind-blowing visual effects.

4K Video Export

Every user wants to export high-quality video to engage more audiences through professional video quality. The incredible feature of the App is 4k 60fps HD video export. CapCut officially has access to its user 720K video export. People love the App because of its 4K video export.

Picture in Picture

If you want to overlay video and picture in a clip, then the Picture in Picture(PIP) mood is fantastic. The feature is mainly used to pop up any photo or video at the top of the video. You can also combine two clips into one effortlessly with the help of the stunning feature.

3D Effects

MOD CapCut APK 3d Effects image

CapCut Premium MOD APK has many futuristic features, but 3D and blur effects are some trending effects. Most content creators use these effects to turn their videos into ideal videos. These effects are also trending on TikTok and Instagram. The footage looks unique and outstanding when decorated with the effect.

Follow these essential steps to use the effect in the video:

  • Create a brand new project and go into the effects toolbar.
  • Select the video part and apply the 3D effect.
  • Tap on the video and adjust the effects 
  • To fast video editing flow, copy and paste effects at another part of the video

After that, import your desired video into 4k 60fps HD.

Generate QR Codes in CapCut MOD APK

CapCut Pro APK introduced a new QR code generator feature. Now, you can generate static and dynamic QR codes without any hassle.

CapCut Pro APK QR Codes

Formats of QR Codes

You can make QR codes in different formats that match your favorite format.

QR codes have different styles and formats like that:

  • Scalable vector files
  • Print-ready pdf files
  • High-quality resolution images
  • Customize QR codes for the appearance
QR Codes Formats in CapCut Pro APK

Customizing, you can add text and a logo according to your brand style QR code.

How to Generate QR Codes in CapCut?

You can generate QR Codes By following these steps:

  • Sign up for the free for the App
  • Choose the template for the QR code
  • Customized text and logo according to your brand logo style
  • QR code is ready to download in different formats and share on your social media platform
Infographics for How to Generate QR Codes in CapCut Pro APK

Make Cartoon

The App Pro version provides the feature to convert your original video into an amazing cartoon video. Users can access 2D and 3D vector graphics effects in this App. The effects change the video into professional looking and enhance the look. These effects are pre-installed in the App. You can also animate photos in your video by using stunning cartoon effects.

CapCut MOD APK Cartoon Effect

Background removal

The App has an incredible feature for background removal. You can effortlessly eliminate the background from any video with a single click. The App also gives you a bunch of futurist backgrounds of your choice. You can also export videos with adjustment ratio as YouTube video ratio is 16:9, TikTok 9:16, and instagram ratio is 1:1.

Removing Backgrounds from Product Photos with AI

CapCut has added great tools for product background removal. Now, you can easily remove and change the background or transform your product image. With CapCut’s AI background remover, you can add different backgrounds like:

  • Studio
  • Countertop
  • Outdoor
  • Interior
  • Flower

With the help of CapCut Pro, you can change the product photo background efficiently. You can replace the original background with realistic templates or different colours, like white, black, pink, red, green, yellow, or light grey. Adjust your images to make them eye-catching and tell a visual story. This simple editing tool lets you quickly give your product photos a polished, professional look.

Here’s a quick list of available background colours:

  • White
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Red
  • Green
  • Gold
  • Sky Blue
  • Brown

You can choose other colours, too, depending on what looks best for your product.

Pro Template

When you have limited time and want to edit your video like a pro without any skill, CapCut’s latest version mod apk has a lot of pre-made templates for newbies. 3D Zoom, herill, Ical, and idfwu templates are trending at CapCut, TikTok, and Instagram reels. You can also discover the Latest and trending template of the app at your fingertips. These templates are updated every day or week.If you want to know the CapCut Pro price, it offers better editing features.

Autocut Feature

The App Introduced a new feature, Autocut. If you have yet to gain experience in video editing, the feature is mind-blowing for you. A bunch of pre-made templates are available in the feature. Here is the step-by-step guide for auto-cut feature use:

  • First of all, click on the auto cut feature in-app menu
  • Try it now. The popup shows on the screen. Press it
  • Allow the recommended video templates of the Capcut
  • To make an incredible video, choose a desired template for your video
CapCut MOD APK Autocut features

That’s it. Your selected video is ready with a few clicks.

Make Cartoon

The App Pro version provides the feature to convert your original video into an amazing cartoon video. Users can access 2D and 3D vector graphics effects in this App. The effects change the video into professional looking and enhance the look. These effects are pre-installed in the App. You can also animate photos in your video by using stunning cartoon effects.

CapCut MOD APK Cartoon Effect

Reverse Video Effect

CapCut MOD APK Reverse Video Feature

The feature works magical and is trending at Tik Tok. Most Tik Tok Creators use this feature. Suppose you make a video in which you throw a stone in water by using the magical feature to convert it into reverse. It looks like a stone is coming in your hand from the water. Your audience feels that you are a magician.

Bugs Free

Bugs-free is a fantastic feature of the App. Edit your video to a new height without any obstruction. Other video editing apps like VN, Inshot, Filmora, and YouCut don’t provide this feature.

Android Accessible Application

This application is right as rain for android users. Most users choose the App because this does a comfortable job of video editing and is easily accessible for Android users. Users need Android 5 or above versions for access to the App. You can also access CapCut for PC using the emulator.

Premium Features of Latest CapCut Pro APK

Comprehensive Editing Tools

Speed control

Vector graphics

Trending styles

Auto velocity

Shadow effect

Beat Filter

Ai-generated effects and background

Auto caption and lyrics


Freeze Frame

Text Styling

Visual Adjustments

Video Compressor

Zoom In/out Animation

Secure Storage for save data

Direct Sharing

Animation and customization

Why CapCut MOD APK instead of CapCut APK

Do you want to evaluate your video editing experience to a new height? CapCut MOD APK with top-notch video editing features and premium unlocked. CapCut APK doesn’t allow you premium features. I will spell out the beans below why people love the App.

FeaturesCapCut APKCapCut MOD APK
AdsYesNo Ads
Upto 4K exportNoYes
XML SupportYesYes
Premium FeaturesPaidFree Unlock
WatermarkYesNo Watermark
Editing ToolsBasicPremium
User ExperienceGoodExcellent
User InterfaceUser FriendlyUser Friendly
Audio ExtractionYesYes
Operating System (OS)AndroidAndroid

How to Download CapCut MOD APK

You can download CapCut Pro free by following the steps:

Step 1: Click on the download button and download CapCut APK Mod Premium file without wasting time

Download CapCut MOD APK

Step 2: After downloading, Go to settings>security>unknown sources and allow unknown sources

Allow Unknown Resource

Step 3: Tap on the downloaded file to install, and after installation, open the App. That’s it, Enjoy now.

Install the CapCut MOD APK

You can also download CapCut for iOS.

Pros and Cons of CapCut MOD APK


  • The App provides premium features for free.
  • CapCut APK MOD has advanced editing features.
  • Users access unlimited video export without any obstruction.
  • Easy and user friendly interface of the App.
  • Users can remove watermarks from editing videos.


  • It’s an unofficial App.
  • Using this 3rd party App you can pose security risks.
  • The App offers limited official support.
  • You can sometimes face bugs and issues.
  • Users need to spend some time learning new feature updates.


CapCut MOD APK is an unofficial 3rd party app. CapCut Unlocked Version provides premium features such as no watermark, auto velocity, video background removal, no ads, strobe, 3D, and shake effects. This CapCut Premium version makes video editing better. Download the latest CapCut MOD APK and enjoy pro benefits. With CapCut MOD, you can access a wide range of advanced features. With CapCut APK Pro, you get top video editing tools for free. Try CapCut Pro now and improve your video editing skills!

FAQs-Frequently Ask Question

It’s used to create a mind-blowing and trending video with the help of stunning features and templates.

No, This App is an APK file. So only usable on Android phones.

This App is free. You don’t need even a single penny to use this app.

Sure, this App is illegal, but your account is not banned. So don’t worry, install it and chill.

Sure, This App runs without Virtual Private Networks(VPN).

Sure, The App is fully secured to use.