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CapCut Pro price plan

CapCut is an easy-to-use interface and powerful video editing tool that has become popular in the world of creativity. To unlock more of the app’s pro features, you need a pro subscription plan. We will discuss the capcut pro price plan and benefits.

CapCut Pro Price in 2024

CapCut Pro Price Subscription Options

CapCut Pro offers a different subscription plan:

Monthly Plan

The monthly plan is best for that user who wants to test pro features for a short period. The CapCut Pro plan is available for $7.99 per month.

One-Month Pro Subscription

If you are looking for more essential features, then you can buy this plan for $9.99 per month. A monthly pro subscription is good for occasional projects. 

Monthly Price of CapCut Pro Cloud Storage 

CapCut Pro, in addition, offers cloud storage at $1.99 per month. The monthly cloud storage price plan for the cap cut allows users to save their projects online and access them from different devices.

Annual Plan

If you want long-term CapCut pro-mind-blowing features, then this plan costs $74.99. The Annual plan is ideal for regular users and provides a lot of savings as compared to the monthly plan

Annual Renewal Rate

After a year, the CapCut pro price for renewing is $119 per year. The annual renewal rate is higher due to a lot of new advanced features in addition and stunning for continuing users.

Free and Pro Cloud Storage

CapCut offers its users 1GB to 5 GB cloud storage without any cost. With the app’s free cloud storage, you can save your projects and access them with any device without any subscription.

CapCut Pro cloud storage is 100 GB, and it is perfect for users who work on large projects.

Why Choose CapCut Pro?

CapCut pro price subscription plan offers numerous advantages:

Advanced Editing Features

CapCut Pro provides stunning tools for video editing, and these tools take your video editing journey to the next level—advanced filter effects and transitions that are not available in the new version.

Large Cloud Storage

You can store and manage up to 100 GB of cloud storage without any hassle and running out of space storage, which is not available in the free plan subscription. 

Priority Support

Pro users have access to priority customer support if they are facing any issues or need assistance. 

Alternatives: CapCut Mod APK

Some users have no money to buy the CapCut pro price subscription plan. Then, I have an alternative for those users, such as CapCut Mod APK. APK Mod CapCut is a modded version so that it may be risky. The Mod APK offers a few fantastic features, such as a CapCut Pro. You don’t need even a single penny to access this Modded APK.


Choosing the CapCut pro price subscription is significant in taking your video editing experience to new heights with 100 GB cloud storage, advanced filters, and priority customer support. While you can use the CapCut Modded version for free, it would be limitless. Use CapCut Pro to edit your with full confidence and hassle-free.

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